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My name's Julian Bradley. I teach piano players how to play Jazz.

Whether you're classically trained, or you've had no formal training at all - my video lessons make Jazz easy for you to understand.

If you're starting Jazz piano late in life and want to make up for lost time - now is the perfect time to learn.

Start watching my top lessons on chords, scales, improvisation and fake books:

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What's Popular Now

'29 Jazz Piano Licks' sheet music (5 pages):


'Chord Voicings for Jazz Piano' E-Book. This 11-page E-book teaches you 4th voicings, rootless voicings, upper structures, and 'shells':


'23 Sweet Chord Progressions' sheet music. 6 pages of my best Instagram riffs and chord progressions, fully transcribed and annotated:


Faster Way to Learn Jazz

If you're starting late and want to make up for lost time - I've filmed all the lessons I would normally teach in person.

The Jazz Tutorial Course Library packs in years of regular lessons - which you can now race through in a fraction of the time.

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There's courses on improvisation, chord voicings, arranging standards, solo piano playing, and more.

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Thank you for being here! My goal is to provide you with a world-class music education so that you can master jazz piano.

I hope the lessons on this website will inspire you and give you great enjoyment at the piano.

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