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Hi! My name's Julian Bradley - I'm a jazz pianist from the U.K...

I'm here to teach you jazz piano - and provide ALL the tools you need...

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"Where should I start?"

If you only watch one of my lessons, watch this...

It's called 'Jazz Theory Explained in 20 Minutes' and has over 2.5 million views...

We'll cover jazz harmony, chord extensions, jazz scales, and chord progressions in Jazz:

And to go with this lesson I created a one-page Chord Symbol Guide with all the main jazz chords you need to know:


What's Popular Now

'29 Jazz Piano Licks' sheet music (5 pages):


'23 Sweet Chord Progressions' sheet music - transcriptions of my best Instagram chord progression posts (@JazzTutorialOfficial):


'The Jazz Piano Chord Voicing Guide'. This 11-page ebook will teaches you 5 types of chord voicing - includes 4th voicings, 'shells', rootless voicings, and more:


Thank you for being here! My goal is to provide you with a world-class music education so that you can master jazz piano.

I hope the lessons on this website will inspire you and give you great enjoyment at the piano.

Your friend,